Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"We've come a long way!"

One of my Geometry A students said that to me today. We did 3 pages about slope today in class. We have completed 27 pages so far. Their notebooks look awesome. I am thrilled when they are working independently and instead of asking for help, they flip back in their notebooks! That's a Proud-Teacher moment.

My algebra students are less thrilled with their notebooks. Yesterday I assigned 6 graphing quadratic functions problems. They had the whole class to finish them. I could NOT convince some of them to look in their notebook. They insisted on trying remember all the steps instead of following along with the examples in the notebook (I think we did 7 pages worth.) WHY? I kept asking them. Why waste brain power trying to remember something you can look up! Most of these gave up before the end of class, content to let me take off points. They got frustrated because they couldn't remember it all. Teenagers...

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