Friday, January 24, 2014

Kite Building Activity

Today we built kites using straws and tissue paper. This led to some interesting conversations with students. Here's one I had over and over all day.

Kid: Is this right?
Me: That's a rhombus.
Kid: So, is it right?
Me: I told you to make a kite.
Kid: What's the difference between a kite and a rhombus?
Me: You should probably look that up.

Eventually, they all figured it out. I refused to give any more instruction than, "Use these supplies and make a kite." I wanted them to figure it out for themselves, use their considerable problem solving skills. I have a good collection of kites to show for it. My favorite moment of the day: one of my biggest complainers said, "Hey, low-key, this is kind of fun."

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