Monday, April 28, 2014


We didn't even get close to finishing all the stuff on circles. We talked mostly about angles and arc measures. A little bit about sector/segment area and lots of vocab. Here's all our circle stuff. Enjoy!

Page 43 - Arc Measure

 Page 44 - Circumference and Arc Length


Page 45 - Area of Sectors and Segments

 Page 46 - Inscribed Angles

And then my document camera stopped working. I created the next few pages using PowerPoint. My digital projector has zoom and freeze functions. I use those so that students can see what I'm working on in real time. 
(That is how I created PowerPoints for every section in the book. My coworkers were very impressed with me until I showed them that little trick. I would zoom in and draw all the stuff first block, then add all of the animations to it during my planning. Then I could walk around during my next two classes. I'm a big fan of "cheating" aka: "using your resources.")

 Page 47 - Parts of a Circle

Page 48 - Crossing Lines and Arc Measures

Luckily, my sympodium still works. That made filling in the examples MUCH easier. I could have done it in PowerPoint (because I am a ninja) but it would have taken much longer for the same result. This is a one-slide PowerPoint that is animated to show the flaps opening and closing. It is not easily printable.  Free here. 

We didn't talk about tangent lines or secant lines, or I would have used that terminology. We really ran out of time for this chapter so I stuck in whatever I could. 

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